Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Download now : Rice Live at Gilmn 95

The Story goes...Rice played at Gilman Street in early 92 and Rop took down the "No Stage Diving" sign and someone took this opportunity to dive into the crowd
and accidentally, ends up poking someone's eye out. Gilman was held responsible and Rice was banned from Gilman, also their last show ever. Come 1995, Rop rents a car w/ Carlos and drives 9 hours to San Diego, to practice for 4 hours with Jason and Matt Anderson, re-learning some songs. That night, they left for a 2 week tour of the west coast. The recording is from a sold-out show w/ Avail at Gilman St. during the 2nd week of the tour. The new board members at Gilman allowed Rice to play, while the old lifers insisted as long as no stage diving. No stage diving that night, but the damage that was done was due to the roman candles that shot-out firecrackers, that were duct-taped around the bass drum and the amps.

Recording courtesy of Sonya Hall.

Download thru Divshare:

Rice - Banned from Gilman 95

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ricist Regime

Rice at the Epicenter in San Francisco, during their Reunion Tour in 1995. With Matt Anderson on drums, and Carlos in the mask.


At the Clairemont House, one of the last times Charlie was on drums. He ended up following the Grateful Dead.
In Clairemont, San Diego 'early 90's

Seeds of the Revolution

Early Flyer.

Rice / Bumblescrump Split 7"

Rice split 7" with East Bay's Bumblescrump on Joel Wing Records.

Rice - Fuckyou this Rice LP

Rice - Fuck you this is Rice!! was a full length release that combined the first 7", split 7" tracks, some compilation tracks and songs with their last drummer, Matt Anderson from Heroin who also runs Gravity Records. The LP was put out by Lookout Records. Below are scans from the booklet that came with the vinyl version of the record.

Rice - S/T 7"

Rice 1st 7" came out in the 90's on Vinyl Communications. Press run of 1000, Discontinued in 1994, when the 7" was included in the LP, Fuck this is Rice on Lookout Records.

The cover didnt come out well during printing so stickers the size of the covers were made to cover the damaged art, but none were stuck on the cover, giving whoever purchased the vinyl a big piece of sticker.

The Back of the 7"


After the first pressing was gone, a next batch of 1000 was made, with 100 of them on White Vinyl.

Rice live 7"

The Rice Live 7" was a hard to find piece of vinyl from the 90's, it has since gone up in value on Ebay. A press run of 500 numbered copies, with 300 of them destroyed by sun and water damage and used as decoration. It was put out by Vibrator Records in Japan. The live sets were taken from 2 early shows in the early 90's.

The back cover of the 7"

The back of the poster.
Rice at Gilman Street, right before they were banned for taking down the "No Stagediving" sign.

The inside of The Rice Live 7" on Vibrator Records in Japan, opens up to this 21" by 28" poster of another Gilman photo, Rop is planked by Cory Lindstrom who played in John Henry West/End of the Line/Han Shan/Salem Lights.

The Left side
of the poster

and the right.

In Rice We Survive!!!!

Rop with Manager's uniform and Carlos in Wyoming.

Dirty playing with Bucket on his Head, while Sporting a Taco Bell Uniform we had lifted on the way to the party in Wyoming with Bumblescromp.

Rice in Olympia, Washington