Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Download now : Rice Live at Gilmn 95

The Story goes...Rice played at Gilman Street in early 92 and Rop took down the "No Stage Diving" sign and someone took this opportunity to dive into the crowd
and accidentally, ends up poking someone's eye out. Gilman was held responsible and Rice was banned from Gilman, also their last show ever. Come 1995, Rop rents a car w/ Carlos and drives 9 hours to San Diego, to practice for 4 hours with Jason and Matt Anderson, re-learning some songs. That night, they left for a 2 week tour of the west coast. The recording is from a sold-out show w/ Avail at Gilman St. during the 2nd week of the tour. The new board members at Gilman allowed Rice to play, while the old lifers insisted as long as no stage diving. No stage diving that night, but the damage that was done was due to the roman candles that shot-out firecrackers, that were duct-taped around the bass drum and the amps.

Recording courtesy of Sonya Hall.

Download thru Divshare:

Rice - Banned from Gilman 95

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