Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RICE at SXSW - March 18-21

March 18 Thursday

The French Inhales
Doom Siren
The Altars

at The Broken Neck
4701 B Red Bluff, Austin Texas 78702


March 19 Friday - 6 PM

Dan XO's SXSW 2010 House party:

French Inhales
Love Collectors
The Ape Shits

at 2208 E. 18th st, Austin, TX


March 20th Saturday - 11 am

Singing Serpent SXSW Partay:

> Rice 12:45pm
> Rafter 1:30
> Frances 2:15
> KIT 3:45
> SHAMS 4:30pm
> Pictureplane 5:15pm
> Juiceboxxx 6pm
> These Are Powers 7pm
> DD/MM/YYYY 8pm

at The Iron Gate Lounge
1111 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702


March 20th Saturday - noon


12:45- Yellow Fever (Austin)
1:20- Hobocop (Oakland CA)
1:55- Rice (Brooklyn)
2:30- Wild America (Austin)
3:05- Grass Widow (San Francisco)
3:40- Death Sentence Panda (San Francisco)
4:15- Wetdog (UK)
4:50- XYX (Monterrey)
5:25- KIT (Los Angeles/Oakland)
6:00-Talk Normal (Brooklyn)

at the ROFL House
1717 E. 32nd St
Austin TX


March 21st Sunday
FREE/ ALL AGES / Doors at 11am - 9pm

Panache Hangover Party

12:00 pm Baths (stage)
12:30pm Carletta Sue Kay (floor)
1:00pm Gagakrise (japan) (stage )
1:30pm RICE (floor)
2:00pm Screens (stage )
2:30pm Turbo Fruits (floor)
3:00pm The Sandwitches ( stage )
4:00pm Charlie and the Moonhearts (floor)
4:30pm Past lives (stage)
5:00pm Ty segall (floor)
5:30pm Signals ( stage )
6:00pm Golden Triangle (floor)
6:30pm JEFF the Brotherhood ( stage )
7:00pm Lovvers ( floor)
7:30pm Vivian Girls ( stage )
8:00pm When Dinos Ruled the Earth ( floor)

at Beerland
711 Red River Street, Austin TX



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